How to do Sex Magic for a life built on Desire

How to do Sex Magic for a life built on Desire

Imagine being able to manifest your desires with your Orgasmic Energy. Well, you can and it's called Sex Magic. You'll find tons of ways to over-complicate the matter, but I want to show you just how easy and accessible it can be for YOU.

The first step is understanding the process and mechanism

I created an infographic you can download to remind yourself just how simple the process is, just click here to download 

  1. SET THE SCENE: Attend to the sensual aspects of the room and make it nice: Lighting, Clean & Tidy, Smells Good, Chill Music, Warm & Cozy, Hydration, Tasty Treat, etc. Set a 15 minute timer for step 3-5

  2. POSITIVE INTENTION: What do you really want? Cultivate a positively phrased intention statement you both focus on manifesting together.

  3. GET FRISKY: Start building turn-on. Get your juices flowing however you do you & each other. After you both feel turned-on, start the 15 min timer and keep at it.

  4. BUILD TO CLIMAX: Breathing deeply into the genitals, feel and expand the pleasure without cumming, YET. Breathe that pleasure up through the whole body as you go.
  5. SEND IT UP: After your timer rings, bring that pleasure all the way to the top of your head. Visualize your intention bursting up into the stars on the rocketship of your orgasm.
  6. RE-CAP: Let the pleasure sparkles rain back down over you as you rest. Trust your intention has been delivered to higher consciousness. Cuddle and talk about what you enjoyed.

Second step is understanding what ORGASM is anyway? And why is it more than frivolous lolly-gagging pleasure

Orgasm is a totally safe and natural thing to experience in your body. Whether you've had a sexual one or not yet, you can orgasm as including these 3 elements:
  1. Sensation: Pleasure, Joy, Grief, Other sensation or emotion
  2. Expanding the Sensation: lean into the feeling and grow it
  3. Surrender Completely: let the feeling expand so big it takes you into an ecstatic flowstate where you become one with the feeling or emotion
When you shift your conscious understanding to think of orgasm as a surrender to sensation or emotion, you see how anything can become orgasmic and lead to an experience of awe and wonder, even union with the divine and spiritual enlightenment. 


Then there's the matter of figuring out WTF you want to manifest

Desire is the root of all magic. Without it, there would be no reason to hone our skills at co-creating with the Universe. Desire is also the fuel for the fire. in all my years coaching and listening to people closely the hands down most painful and place to be is not knowing what you want. being out of touch with true desire. We love to way over-complicate this and externalize our power to others or organizations, asking them what we should want for ourselves. this is a most dangerous way of living. It's imperative, if you want to live your most magical and empowered life that you reclaim your connection to your desires. HOW? by learning to become present with your body and learning it is SAFE TO FEEL. We do this by practicing getting quiet and feeling what sensations arise when we ask "what do I reaaaaallllllly want"? what tingles in you? where do you feel it? If you feel nothing, keep asking. Eventually you will find the fairy dust trail. you follow the twinkly tingle step by step until you get to a juicy feeling desire. When you get there, ask now, "what would having that give me?" keep going and ask that same question until you get to the juiciest answer  you can imagine. the one that really lights you up and brings mist to your eyes. 

And finally doing the thing...why you don't even need a partner (and TBH, many times it's better w/o one), and you don't even need to cum.

Self-Practice: having a solid solo sex magic practice before you ever engage with a partner in this way is absolutely recommended. This allows you to practice building orgasmic energy, learning to edge and build and hold more and more pleasure, practicing mixing your orgasmic energy with your desired intention (which you cultivated just for you) and giving you the chance to really focus on what it feels like to move that energy up and out to the Universe, then letting it rain down on you.

Sending it out: Orgasm/Climax is the traditional vehicle to shoot those intentions to the stars. But if you're still working on the skill of surrendering to orgasm and haven't quite gotten there yet, this still works with the power of your intention and visualization. In fact practicing sex magic is a great way to train yourself for experiencing sexual climax and being able to have multiple, full body, energy orgasm. You can just build that pleasure up over and over, relaxing more and more and then when you're ready to shoot to the moon, feel and see your intention boarding the rocket ship that is your pleasure in your root chakra and bursting up through your crown into the cosmos. As you train with this process, the inevitable orgasm will come. But right now it's ok and still "works" to visualize it happening.


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