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Melinda Love

30 minute Tarot Archetypes Reading with Melinda Love

30 minute Tarot Archetypes Reading with Melinda Love

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This is a succinct intuitive reading around 1 question or area of life. Melinda uses the Archetypes of the Major Arcana of the Tarot to reveal the Truth of the moment for you.

The powerful symbols of the Tarot archetypes lend themselves to deep transformational potential as you realize the patterns of the collective consciousness at your disposal. Melinda channels insights and guidance from your guides and higher wisdom to help bring clarity to your situation.

Important note: if you come looking for a direct answer about what you "should" do, you will miss the richness of the reading. This style of divination is about looking at what energies will be enhanced or diminished in you with each possible path you could choose. For example, If you're wondering "should I stay or should I go?"...Melinda will help you understand who you could become if you stay, who you could become if you choose to go and who you need to be *right now* to make the best decision for you. There is never a "correct" answer. My job is about empowering you with information and helping you to connect with your true desire for your life beyond what others think your life and decisions should be.

This is a 30 minute session delivered virtually through Google Meet.

You'll walk away from your session:

  • with more clarity about 1 specific area of your life
  • with deeper connection to your own inner wisdom 
  • a sense of connection with the world and Spirit

Come with an open mind and the desire to connect with your own inner knowing. Melinda's most potent gift is noticing patterns and connections that usually go unnoticed that when brought to light, lead to the answers you seek. The answers which lie inside of you.

She'll help you connect to your hidden or overlooked gifts and use her training as a high level coach to help you connect to 1 powerful action step to make positive motion towards your best future. 

About Melinda's Process 

Melinda is an intuitive empath who grew up feeling the emotions and energy of herself and others very deeply and intensely. She's spent her adult life learning to harness the power of this gift and training in methods of healing the mind, body, spirit connection.

She is a Trauma informed coach and practices the Inner Magic of Somatic Shadow Work with herself and clients. Intuitive Energy Readings are the times she allows her gift of reading the energetic, emotional, and mental landscapes of others out to play.

In your session, she will drop into her own meditation and guide you to do the same. With your consent, she will then scan the layers of being for pertinent information on the focus of your session to help you understand your situation from an empowered perspective with tangible action steps from your own inspired subconscious mind.

As with any offering, some things will resonate more than others. Some information may be challenging, but Melinda will do her best to deliver every message with love and kindness. Take what helps you feel stronger and more peaceful, leave the rest.


After payment you'll receive an email from me within 24 hrs about scheduling. If we cannot agree on a time, you'll be refunded.

Cancellation Policy:

If you need to reschedule, please call/email or use the rescheduling button 24 hrs in advance.

If you no-show, you will be refunded 50% of the consultation fee.

Exceptions for emergencies and illness.

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