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Embodied Magic~ 🌺Monthly Membership 🌺 Archetypal Journey into Divine Feminine Embodiment

Embodied Magic~ 🌺Monthly Membership 🌺 Archetypal Journey into Divine Feminine Embodiment

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Join Embodied Magic~ 🌺Monthly Membership 🌺 and Flow into Divine Feminine Embodiment with Elemental Archetypes!

A Sensual Journey Through Embodied Magic

Monthly Communal Archetype Embodied Flow

Sensually Waking Embodied Yearning

moving in a soothing motion to soothe, excite, center the soul deeply into the body

Monthly Membership

Communal Archetype Embodied Flow

Who: All people who wish to deepen their understanding of the Divine Feminine energy within them and around them. this is a safe(r) space to explore the Goddess archetypes in you

When: Dark Moon/New Moon

Why: to resensitize ourselves to the feminine. To make safety for the feminine. To give rise to and validate our feelings. To reconnect with our innate intuitive gifts. To feel Safety in sensual pleasure. To build the container for our fluid to flow


I don't know who I am or what I want to do. I've got important decisions to make but feel lost and swimming for my life

Real Problem:

Disconnection with feeling in the body and feeling unsafe in pleasure and pussy, the seat of the inner knowing is the pussy portal- the body is this wise tree of knowing

Solution: relearn to create your own safety and relearn to feel you feelings. Re-ignite sensual enjoyment. Re-connect with Archetypal energies available to you. Re-connect with Nature that supports every move you make and embody Natural elements

You will get: 

    • Clearer& Calmer Mind- make clearer decisions
    • Resensitized body- Greater enjoyment of life- Deeper pleasure and feeling
    • Feel your emotions with greater acceptance and less  overwhelm- more ability to handle your emotions. 
    • Intuition comes online- know in your gut what to do
    • Greater safety- feel confident and free walking down the street as more of your authentic self
    • renew your Creative flow as you unlock the floodgates of your wild imagination
    • authentic Sexual aliveness comes back online as you integrate lost and wounded parts of yourself
    • Confidence in community-Better boundaries know what feels good and what doesn’t let go of what doesnt
    • Ability to Self-Regulate through Co-regualtion in this community- Nervous system resets to safety with feeling and being in your body

Drawing from my experience in: Body & Energy work, Dance, Meditation and Hypnosis, Ecstatic Movement, Somatic Sensing, Sensual Empowerment, Mindful Stretching (Yoga), Divination, Group Ritual Facilitation, Archetypes & Shadow Integration


  • 1 Monthly Live Group Call
  • Weekly Tarot Archetype Reading with Journal Prompts for the week ahead.
  • Access to the group chat moderated by Melinda
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