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Melinda Love

Cord Cutting & Protection Ceremony with Melinda Love

Cord Cutting & Protection Ceremony with Melinda Love

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Personalized ceremony helping you release unhealthy attachments to people, places, things, thoughts.

After a conversational intake to understand your situation, I will design and facilitate a karmic cord cutting ceremony invoking the protective energy of the Divine Masculine in the form of Archangel Michael. This service uses Ceremony and Coaching work to help you release negative energy and attachments, protect yourself from any harm, and clear your path to a bright and positive future. Through this unique and transformative experience, you can gain clarity, healing, and a deep sense of empowerment. This session is also instructive in that after activating this code inside your mind and body, you will remember how to do this for yourself in the future.

This session can be facilitated online at no extra charge. If you would like me to travel to your location in the Asheville, NC area, please contact me first. There is a travel fee of $1 per mile.

1 hr service

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