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Melinda Love

AstroLove: Relational Astrology + Relationship Coaching with Melinda & Walden

AstroLove: Relational Astrology + Relationship Coaching with Melinda & Walden

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The Cosmic Compatibility Quest

Spend 1 month with husband and wife team, Walden and Melinda Raines

Diving Deep into the Astrology of your relationship.

Session 1: The Astro Love Roadmap ~ The full basic workup of your Relationship including Natal Charts for both partners, The Syanstry Chart of the relationship (how your individual quirks work with each other), and The Composite Chart (the road map to the your secret sanctuary of your love)
Session 2: The Birth Chart of your Relationship ~ Transit to Composit Looking at the moment you agree is the birth of your current relationship and seeing your relationship as an entity of it's own with unique needs and talents
Session 3: Your relationship to the Relationship ~ digging even deeper into each partners' relationship to the relationship and what you each bring to care for the entity of your love. This is where you'll understand how to use your individual natal strengths to shift the dynamic of your interactions and create more harmony.
Session 4: Future Forecast ~ The Progression of the Composite Chart dives into what the weather of your love looks like into the next 100 years together. It's like looking at the forcast for your upcoming vacay so you can know what clothes to pack and the best destinations to hit to maximize your fun and enjoyment together.

Add-On Sessions:
  • Auspicious Wedding/Commitment Date Calculation ($111)
  • Elemental Ceremony Design for your Wedding or Commitment Ceremony ($222)


Walden has been studying astrology for the past 20 years and has always had a particular interest in synasty and how using the map of the stars can give you unique insights into your strengths and challenges as a couple.

Melinda is a trauma-informed Sex, Love, and Relationships coach with a passion for helping individuals and couples own their shadow sides so they can discover the unique magic they have come to this world to work. She draws from a vast toolbox of communication tools, sensual embodiment, emotional intimacy exercises, breathwork, bodywork, ritual, and subconscious reprogramming to help her clients break through the gridlock and find harmony even amidst conflict.

1 week prior to your session, you will provide birth information for both partners and, if you would like the date and time of 1 significant point in time for your relationship i.e. 1st date, 1st kiss, wedding, birth of child.

Walden will generate the birth charts of each of you, and the synastry chart and birth chart of your relationship.

We'll take a deep look at a few areas of interest to you and find surprising strengths to help you move through your challenges.

Melinda uses her deep listening and empathy skills as an intuitive reader to help you move closer to the truth of your mission and purpose here as a couple.

How is The Cosmic Compatibility Quest different?...

Unlike a regular Astrology reading, we look at the astrology of your relationship as an entity of its own that has its own personality, purpose and life. It has it's own unique needs and the attention each individual for it to thrive. This reading gives you a common language and roadmap to navigate and talk more coherently about your struggles together. Pairing this map with a customized plan of relationship tools and strategies for deep connection make this offering an invaluable investment in your happiness as a couple.

This service can be booked in-person or online.

Please fill out the intake form at least 1 week before your session.

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