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Curio Eros

Design Your Own Ceremony - DIY Ritual Workbook

Design Your Own Ceremony - DIY Ritual Workbook

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Use the ancient art of ceremony to create a ripple effect in your Inner World and the greater Universe.

This PDF workbook will help you understand the basic elements of arranging an effective personal ritual for any time of your life.

Whether you are owning a new identity and calling in a new job or partner, Creating Juicy Fertility for a conscious conception, Grieving the loss of a loved one or pet, Honoring the Full moon with your friends, Ceremony can make these rites of passage meaningful and magical.

This PDF guide will help you reconnect with your primal knowledge of how to do ritual for yourself and be your own guru and guide. 

From the Workbook...

Why Personal Ceremony and Ritual?

The Conscious mind has it’s desires. But the Subconscious mind has the power. That’s where your true primal needs live with the sole goal of your physical survival. Through ceremony, we harness the power of symbolism to speak to the subconscious mind. And make the case to the subconscious that the desire you seek to bring to life is safe, attainable, and a worthwhile pursuit that would enhance your surviving and thriving.


Creating patterns in your ceremony congruent with your desire let's your subconscious mind know this desire is important. It makes it easier for the subconscious to see how your desire fits into everyday living and makes sense in reality. While designing your ceremony, think about ways to make patterns and ‘layer’ your magic. For example, if you want to bring in more FIRE energy to achieve your goals, you might: Build a Fire, Visualize a Volcano, Observe Sun in Leo, Meditate on a Candle Flame, Hold a Lava rock, Drink Cinnamon tea, and Dress in the Color Red. Adding multiple external elements while holding the inner focus on your desired intention helps your brain link these concepts and see the desire as accessible and important.


Ceremony opens us up to connection with our higher selves, higher power, patterns of the collective consciousness and heightened abilities encoded in our DNA as human beings with a long history of leading our own ceremonial rites. We know how to do this. Yet with the busyness of the technology age, we have outsourced our power to computers...


Ceremony is a way to reclaim the most powerful operating system you have access to that is virtually untapped...your own human mind. You’ve probably heard we only use 10% of our brain’s potential. The secret to unlocking the other 90% lies in the subconscious. We access the power of the subconscious to make the magic happen by relaxing and surrendering to our inner vision.


Through this process, your intuition is activated and after Ceremony will go to work recognizing creative options you never dreamed of, attracting opportunities you never thought you sought before, and making connections between dots already available to you in your life to make your desire manifest.


When your ceremony is complete, trust the messages have been delivered to you powerful Subconscious, Higer Self, and/or the Divine, and then open to receiving intuitive hits about your next steps. Communication with your intuition will happen through symbols, hunches, inspired thoughts, and synchronicities. Trust and Heed them. The more you practice this, the easier it is.



If you are not satisfied with this workbook, simply email: and ask for a refund. You will be refunded no questions asked.

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